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Enterprise   Introduction

Jiangxi Changjiang Chemical Co., Ltd is affiliated with China South Industries Group Corporation and is specialized in researching and manufacturing non-metallic composite materials and products. Our products are broadly used in national defence, public security?span lang="EN-US">armed police?span lang="EN-US">electronics?span lang="EN-US">petroleum?span lang="EN-US"> chemical industry ?span lang="EN-US">architecture and other fields.

Our company is one of the earliest manufacturers which research and produce non-metallic composite bulletproof helmets in China. Now we have bulletproof helmets ?span lang="EN-US">protective products and other military and civilian goods product lines. The K-II type ballistic helmet we research and manufacture is the first non-metallic composite bulletproof helmet .The kind of helmets have been equipped the Hong Kong garrison and the Macao garrison, and have taken part in the 50th and 60th anniversary of national day military parade with paratroops bulletproof helmets. The police ballistic helmets our company research and produce are the essential equipment of public security policemen which have been equipped the security forces of the Olympic games?span lang="EN-US">the Shanghai expo and the Asian Games. We are the drafting unit of the first non-metallic bulletproof helmets standard in China?span lang="EN-US">as well as the main preparation unit of one ministry of public security standards ——Ballistic Helmets and Face Shield for Police. We have been added in the list of police ballistic helmets and police ballistic vest manufacturing enterprises. Our company technique strength is strong, equipment is well-found, and the quality guarantee system is complete. We have an annual production capacity of all kinds of ballistic helmets 100000 pieces.

Our company is located at the foot of Lushan Mountain in Jiujiang city, Jiangxi province and covered an area of 470000 square meters. We possess total assets RMB 510 million and more than 1100 employees.

Our operation tenet: Making It Better and Race to the Top . We would like our excellent products, high-quality service to pay back to society.