The Series of Ballistic Vest
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The Series of Ballistic Vest

Product Code: FDY-IR?/span>FDY-IIR?/span>FDY-IIIR?/span>FDY-IVR

Standard Name: ?/span>The examination and acceptance criteria for paratroopers ballistic vest?/span>(FDY-IRGF)

?/span>General technical requirements of police ballistic resistance of body armor?/span>(GA141-2010)

Product Feature: effective protection to chest?/span>belly?/span>back and other key parts of the body. Comfortable to wear?/span>flexible and convenient to wear and take off?/span>and can be taken off quickly in the condition of prone position?/span>

Product Usage?/span>The Series of Bulletproof Vest are the ideal supplies to protect neck?/span>chest?/span>belly?/span>back and other key parts of the Individual combat personnel or explosion-proof personnel ?/span>and they are widely equipped in public security officers?/span>banks and customs anti-smuggling troops.

Bullet-proof Performance Index:

Product Code

protection area

Standard Name

Protection level

Type of firearm

The bullet velocity(m/s)

Tactical and technical target


M  0.4

 L  0.43



64 or 77 7.62mm bullet (lead core bullet)


Under the condition of fair hit for bullet?/span>the ballistic vest doesn’t be penetrated?/span>and the dent-depth appeared in the backing material fixture is no more than 20mm.


 M  0.25

 L  0.28


M  0.4

L  0.43




54 type pistol and 51 type 7.62mm pistol bullet (lead core bullet)



M  0.25

 L  0.28

                   5 years warranty by insurance company