K-IVB Ballistic Helmet
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K-IVB Ballistic Helmet (Ploice Bulletproof Helmet Without Rivet)

Product Code:FDK2F-CH02-L

Standard Name: GA 293-2012?/span>Ballistic Helmets and Face Shields for Police?/span>

Product Feature: Bulletproof?/span>stable and comfortable to wear?/span>good heat insulation; surface spraying with black polyurea elastomer, forming smooth coating of uniform particles; environmental protection?/span>corrosion resistance?/span>flame resistance ?/span>matt and consistent with police uniform color?/span>No rivet suspension type helmet increases the protection area and improves the safety factor. The no-rivet-type suspending system which adopted has achieved a national utility model patent.

Product Usage?/span>Special equipment for police?/span>protecting the security of the police’s head.

Bullet-proof Performance Index:

Type of firearm

Test bullet

Shooting distance(m)

The bullet velocity(m/s)

Tactical and technical target

54 type 7.62mm pistol

54 type 7.62mm pistol bullet (lead core bullet)



The shell haven’t penetration and the depth of dent is less than 25mm

                5 years warranty by insurance company